Admission Requirements International Students

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In addition to the standard admission requirements at UTI, these are a few key details to know for international students wishing to start their training.


This school is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. In addition to the general admissions requirements, all non-immigrant applicants who have entered or wish to enter the U.S. for educational studies must secure and provide documentation of M-1 visa status prior to registration.

Students must also demonstrate proficiency in the English language during the admissions interview.

If a student requires certification of high school equivalency, students may take the General Educational Development (GED) exam, a battery of tests administered by the state Department of Education that provides adults an opportunity to receive certification indicating an equivalency to a high school diploma, or state-authorized equivalent exam. UTI is required to report to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services all students issued I-20s who do not attend class as scheduled. In the event the same student has received three I-20s—regardless of the length of time between each — and the student has not attended class as planned, UTI reserves the right not to issue additional I-20s or allow re-enrollment.

It is each student's responsibility to be aware of certain rules and regulations that govern his or her stay in the United States and enrollment in school. For example, students attending school on M-1 visas are not eligible to take Leaves of Absence.


All instruction at all UTI campuses is conducted in English. English language proficiency is determined by an interview with an admissions representative. Successful completion of the interview marks proficiency appropriate for classroom learning. No standard English language test is administered.

UTI does not provide English language learning services.