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An image of a student in a lat at UTI Lisle in Illinois

About the UTI Lisle, IL Campus

The Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Lisle campus, like other UTI schools across the country, provides education and training for students looking to pursue a career in the trades.1 This 107,629-square-foot campus offers Automotive, Diesel, Welding, Industrial Maintenance, Robotics & Automation, and Wind programs (Industrial Maintenance Technician, Robotics & Automation Technician, and Wind Turbine Technician programs are coming to UTI Lisle). There’s also manufacturer-specific training from BMW (program coming soon), Ford, Toyota, Peterbilt, Fendt and Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA).15

Sure, it’s an impressive roster of coursework — but a school like UTI Lisle, Illinois, is much more than the educational opportunities it provides.

Students travel from around the country to attend UTI Lisle, a campus located in what’s known as the “Village of the Trees,” with walking and biking trails nearby, parks and a beautiful arboretum down the street. Students looking for a change of scenery can experience the big-city life of Chicago, located just 27 miles away.

UTI Lisle is as unique as the students who fill its classrooms, which gives these students many opportunities to extend their experiences both on and off campus. Whether you’re a fan of MLB's Cubs or White Sox, the UTI Lisle community will welcome you with open arms. As far as the rest of the Chicagoland people you may meet, well ... let’s just say that might be a polarizing topic of conversation!

Building Relationships for Opportunities

UTI Lisle has built strong relationships with local companies. These relationships can help open new opportunities for students and can also lead to fun events that students might not get to experience elsewhere.

“There’s a lot of UTI’s partnerships and relationships that have spawned a lot of these cool opportunities for students to experience,”6 says Jeremy Brehm, team lead campus representative, about the ties they’ve built outside of campus.

Some of the major automotive and diesel employers of UTI Lisle grads also partner with the campus, such as Crown Lift, Central Illinois Trucking (CIT) and the Zeigler Auto Group, which support students through sponsorships and certifications. It’s these same associations that may open doors to new careers for graduates of UTI Lisle.2

UTI is known by employers in the area for the industry-aligned training it provides for its students — which has led to a demand for UTI Lisle graduates. In fact, UTI Lisle is the only diesel provider in the area, which provides exciting opportunities for aspiring diesel technicians.5

UTI Lisle: Where Fun and Education Meet

At UTI Lisle, students can take advantage of the opportunities that come from the campus’ strong outside relationships, but there are also plenty of opportunities the campus provides on its own. UTI makes it a point to inspire students who have a passion for the industry and give them things to be excited about.

Some activities offered to students include car shows and student appreciation days, which consist of fun games for students to participate in. UTI Lisle even has a council on campus that students can get involved in.

UTI Lisle also conducts Dyno Days. These days give UTI students the chance to bring in their own cars and give them a spin on a dynamometer. Not only do students get to learn about what excites them, but they actually get to put it into action.

Finally, students can take advantage of peer tutoring. For students who are doing well academically, they can become a peer tutor. For students who need extra support and would benefit from tutoring, this is a free service available to them.

Lessons in Life Skills

UTI gives students the chance to learn and have new experiences both on and off campus. However, an education needs to go further than just practical coursework — and there are many lessons that simply can't be learned from a textbook.

“Students get to learn real-life skills, like how to interview for a job, build a budget, and how to think differently when you go grocery shopping — like that generic cereal tastes as good as the name brand,” Brehm says.

New students get to experience UTI’s Immersion program at the beginning of their education. This program helps students develop the life skills necessary for when they graduate, fostering responsibility and ownership of their own success.

Many students also work part-time while attending school. These jobs often are in the field, which provides them with the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in class in a real-life scenario.

The Student Services and Career Services departments are here to help students along the way by providing support and answering questions. If a student ever has a lack of clarity, there are plenty of resources available to get back on track.

A Chance to Give Back to the Community

At UTI Lisle, students also have opportunities to get involved with the local community. On-campus community events like blood drives and food drives are a great way for students to make a positive difference in the community while attending UTI.

UTI Lisle also gives students the chance to go out and connect with other people who love cars, while at the same time getting the word out about the campus. From NHRA races to events like Fiesta del Sol, UTI sends out representatives and sets up booths to promote the school and connect with other auto fans.

“Some are like, ‘My buddy went to your school,’ and things like that, probably half of them are familiar to UTI to some extent,” Brehm says about the people they meet at such events.

Reaching Out to the Younger Generation

This spirit of connecting with people also extends to those who could be future students of UTI. For example, UTI Lisle hosts Boy Scout Merit Badge events where Boy Scouts have the opportunity to earn badges in Electronics, Agriculture Mechanics and Automotive.

Instructors from the campus also visit local schools in the area. They give presentations about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and talk about all that a career in the skilled trades can offer.

A Journey in Both Professional and Personal Development

Whether you’re in the classroom or volunteering off campus, UTI Lisle offers career opportunities for students to experience new things and to grow as people.

UTI is there to help students learn the technical skills they need to know, but also important life skills like teamwork and the importance of giving back to the community. The experiences students have at UTI Lisle can prepare them for a career, but also shape them as people.

Want to learn more about the programs offered at UTI Lisle? Visit our UTI Lisle page for more information.

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